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A while back I attended the Edinburgh Wellness Festival, where I had the pleasure of meeting Katrino, founder of Yogi Oils.

I was just about to head into a yoga class when I clocked her gorgeous products. Beautifully packaged & designed, so tempting in seconds I was trying the potions and being spritz with lovely uplifting scents!

One in particular with spearmint, that claimed to enhance my mood and my practice of yoga that morning. Which I can honestly say it did, my yoga class that followed was a delight, the lovely scent followed every move I made and help me tune in to my breathing and focus. Having had this experience and being a lover of essential oils, I love what Katrino is doing and I wanted to share this fabulous and unique brand with you. I had a little chat with Katrino to find out more, here is what she said:

Q: Can you please briefly describe Yogi Oils?

Organic essential oil products to assist your practise, on and off the mat!

Q: How did you come to explore the world of essential oils?

I've always been an explorer of scents and plants but it was only until I took the leap and went into full time yoga teaching did I discover that it was my passion. I realised I had daily rituals that combined yoga, rubbing essential oils on certain body parts and diffusing them depending on what I felt I needed for the day. I knew I was ready to share. A favourite quote of mine goes something like - if share what you are truly passionate about and love, eventually it will become your work!

Q: How do you arrive at the combinations of scent?

They come quick, never by force. If I get a feeling for an oil blend I go and blend it straight away and have it in my pocket for a few weeks, using it and seeing if it works. The experience of the blend is so important to the process. Once I have settled with it, I then go into the technicalities of the essential oils and how they blend together. 

Q: Is it experimentation or are there specific essences you choose with stand out benefits to create the combinations?

To put it as simply as I can - plants that grow closest or have a deep connection with the ground are usually grounding and earthing. Then as we move up to flowers and herbs - they are more fluid, free, playful. We then move up again and hit the tops of the branches to citruses and leaves, these are uplifting reminders of lightness and clarity or focus. I work mostly with the layers of nature and link them up with the layers of the physical and emotional body too! From the ground and toes up!

Q: Can you please explain the idea behind the elements?

I love nature and the seasons and the elements intertwine all year long with the movements of the earth and us. To me, embodying the elements in scent form made so much sense! You can link them up with body parts, emotions and chakras when teaching and practising yoga or going about your daily life - i.e - earth is root, ground, body and earth connection, so I used deep, heavy plants and oils to bring alive the personality of the earth element. 

Q: Where do you gain your knowledge and understanding of plant properties?

Knowledge is nothing is you don't have the experience to back it up. I get to know the plant or oil by working with it for days, months and years. I document how it makes me and other people feel at different times of the month and seasons and go by that.  Everyone has a different experience of scent which is one of the main reasons I LOVE the world of plants and smell. Smell brings back memories so powerfully and can transport your mind to the emotions that exists in that pocket of memory.  I have also done more knowledge based practical essential oil courses, of course!

Q: Does foraging assist the process?

Foraging is vital for me! Mainly so i can immerse myself in whats going on in the plant world. I use the way nature moves as a mirror into what we should be doing as humans. We are part of nature and nature is us, so it makes sense to listen and watch to whats happening. In springtime, plants begin to come out of hibernation and blossom, flower and we too should begin to work towards goals we have been manifesting in the dark winter months. You may feel yourself coming alive with a new fertile energy at this time. 

Q: What are your favourite combinations or scents and why?

Patchouli is my baby. I struggle with overthinking, anxiety and I struggle to slow down, so I created the Earth blend to assist in connecting me back to my body. Remember its not the plants or the oils that do the work, its the intentions YOU set with the oil that does it. You are the magic in this process.

Q: Does the time of day you practice yoga influence the type of oil you choose or is it the type practice you do influence the choice of oil? Or both?

As I said previously, everyone reacts differently to oils and plants at different times. I suggest you try working with one scent at a time and you will find it will change scent, your reaction will change, as the day, week or month goes on - its fascinating! 

Q: Do you encourage people to choose the product based on what best represents them, ie. Fire signs of the Zodiac use fire oils?

Im not a teacher or a guide in astrology but I have a lot of people who buy according to their signs and I as far as I am aware they link up perfectly! (I'm an earth sign and i'm drawn to earth the most!)

Q: Do you have a daily practice, mantra or ritual you live by everyday that you are happy to share?  

No mud no lotus. Without the darkness there is no light. Life is a perfect balance of dark and light  and my daily practise is to honour both, use the dark as my teacher and be humble in the light... and have fun, as much as you possibly possibly can!!

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