Introducing Debbie Watt


I am a Reflexologist and Registered General Nurse with 30 years nursing experience. I have a diploma in Reflexology, qualifying with distinction from the Complementary Therapy School, accredited with Napier University.

I became interested in Reflexology as I admired one of my colleagues treating patients for stress, anxiety and nausea after surgery. I watched her achieve such positive results, it made me think how much I could help some patients if I could add this practice to my care. I have specialist knowledge in pain management and work as a nurse specialist in pain control and where appropriate I include

Reflexology in caring for people with some pain management issues.

Reflexology is an ancient Eastern therapy involving stimulation of reflexes accessed on the feet and hands. Eastern therapies spread to Europe with the Chinese and Tibetan people sharing their therapies which aim to create balance of, body, mind and spirit. Working on reflexes our bodies are stimulated to heal themselves, unblocking energy flow channels, helping promote balance and homeostasis.

I provide reflexology treatments from my garden house in Edinburgh or I can arrange to treat clients in their own home. A treatment takes an hour with the initial consultation taking 1.5 hours.

If you are interested to book a consultation contact Debbie Watt:

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