Angela Garton, founder of The Body Evolution formula.

Angie has joined the Becoming community to support and educate on all things Menopause.

Something that we all know is looming. I encourage you to read on to hear more from Angela in her own words.

I help women who are feeling a bit lost and confused about the menopause and need some simple and effective help and support, so they can feel more like themselves again.

I make sure it’s less daunting and scary than most believe it to be. 

To be honest, not many women ask me directly about the menopause, but they do ask me about how to:

- lose the weight around their middle

- how to get more energy

- how to feel more in control of mood swings, irritability, low motivation

There is often a lot of confusion over what is ‘normal’, what to expect and how you can really cope with it all. It infuriates me to see women struggle on their own, or be given inappropriate medical prescriptions that don’t address their true needs.

With plenty of support you can have your life back without it being sabotaged by something that feels out of your control. We can do it in person or online, location isn’t an issue.

I also wrote The Womanual (a beginner’s guide booklet, available to buy from me) in order to answer the most common questions “what’s happening to me and what can I really do about it?”.

My core focus has always been a natural approach to peri-menopause (the years leading up to your last menstrual period). Although I have a scientific background, I lean very heavily on the holistic approach (whole body and mind).

It’s about talking, finding clarity, and working our way through my 12 week programme.

(Including food, mind, nourishment, daily habits, exercise)

The great thing is, we don’t just address the weight, energy and mood swings. Along the way we clear up the sleep problems, hot sweats, the feelings of isolation and loss of control, feeling snappy, binge eating, anxiety, feeling lost in your own body.

I put you firmly back in control so you can enjoy life to the full, whatever that means to you.

I do what I do, so that you can feel like yourself again.

I don’t have a website but I post daily on both my personal and business facebook pages

Instagram is still relatively new to me, but I’m starting to post a bit more frequently @angie_garton

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