Introducing Fiona Clazy.....

Having been a kinesiologist now for about 20 years I still find it hard to convey in words the power and true usefulness of kinesiology.

What I can tell you is that we use muscle testing as a tool to determine what is out of balance and then find the very practical ways to correct these imbalances.

Whether they’re:

nutritional issues of what to eat or not problems related to viruses / bacteria / fungia struggling digestive systemanxiety affecting all other functionsdamaging self beliefs, long help physical patterns, trigger inducing events or even toxic relationships dominating how you function

I, and many clients, have seen and experienced this muscle indication response in action over and over again; the involuntary tightening, stiffening or loosening of a musle under slight pressure not only determining the way to work but then, also, allowing the client to feel the difference afterwards.

By bypassing the logical brain kinesiology muscle testing ‘communicates’ directly with the body’s intelligence and meridian system, to discover the priority problems and the way to resolve them.

When you don't know where to turn and nothing seems to be working Kinesiology can help you find the way to achieve significant improvements in overall health, whether that be emotional, nutritional, physical, or psychological.

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