Glorious Greens


Michelle Dennis founder of Glorious Greens Kitchen.

Michelle and I met at Health & Wellbeing Festival last month, she was selling a fantastic selection of foods from her range.

As the founder of Glorious Greens and a qualified Nutritional Therapist Michelle has studied first hand the effects that diet has. Leading to the development of her brand Glorious Greens – a company dedicated to celebrating whole foods and natural ingredients.

'"What most of us do not realise is that food is not just calories, it is information that communicates to every cell in the body'"

Through their products, workshops and resources they aim to provide products and services which highlight the benefits of good nutrition….and that it never needs to be a compromise.

"When it comes to my view on nutrition I have a very keen interest in next level "superfoods" and the healing powers of food. I am also a total realist. Between walking the dog, looking after children and working I know first hand the challenges of finding the time to dedicate to healthy lifestyle practices. Throw into this hormone fluctuations, blood sugar imbalances and identity conditioning and it's no joke trying to stay on track. And yet I fundamentally believe that with the right support and guidance we can all achieve our health goals. They do not have to look like any one elses and that is the beauty of Nutritional Therapy. You get to explore your health with someone who is invested in you and your journey and you get to design a plan that is right for YOU. "

If you'd like to find out more about Glorious Greens Kitchen, take at look at their website or contact Michelle directly.



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